Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hair Feathers

Alright, it's official, I think I do love feather hair pieces. I want all my bridesmaids to have on different vintage dresses that they'll wear way after our wedding, but it would be nice to tie them all together by having matching hair do-dads.

I quite like these by Lo Boheme at Ginger & Adam's wedding.

Lo Boheme

Via Green Wedding Shoes

Pretty Elopement

Kelly & Cameron's Wedding
Leo Patrone Photography

Dining Room Tables

While this cake set-up is too over-the-top girlie for me, it did give me an idea. I love the floating candels above the table. I wonder if we could rig one of these up over our future dining room table using a long metal rod or pipe and mason jars. We could also have some real light fixtures attached so that we wouldn't always have to light the candles when we ate dinner.
Via Ruffled

I really love long dinning room tables!

Via The Selby

Google's Wedding Planner

It seems like more and more people are planning their own weddings these days, or at least doing a whole lot of the work themselves, in order to cut costs and make the whole affair much more personalized. The overall look of the wedding, the dress, and the cake are the most fun to dream about. It's the small details like how to phrase a wedding invitation, who pays for what, or what exactly a maid of honor is responsible for that can be confusing at first.

Thank heavens for Google Docs! Along with Style Me Pretty, they have created a master template to help the DIY bride. I scoped it out myself and it looks pretty darn helpful.

Monday, February 22, 2010

American Bride In Paris

I really like this photoshoot by Junebug Weddings.

Wedding Jewels

When it comes to wedding jewels I am not one to reach for delicate chains. I prefer jewelry that is bold and brash, that brings eye catching color to a white dress, like the photos below.

I'm a huge fan of Elva Fields, Lizzie Fortunado, and Esther K jewelry. Each one creates unique jewelry that seem to all have a special tale.

Photos all from Junebug Weddings

Friday, February 19, 2010

Demolition Derby

Cuteness! I think the last photo is my favorite.
More photos of Adena & Ben's wedding.
Photographed by Leah LaRiccia.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Heart Portraits

How freaking cute is this? I adore it. Reminds me of the Two Guitar cards that would make excellent wedding invites.

More of the wedding can be seen at Once Wed.

Photography by Jonas Peterson.

Leather Mirror How-To

In some design magazine that I have long since forgotten I saw this really cool mirror that was way out of my price range. It was round and covered with leather, suspended from a leather strap; both parts cool and masculine.

Then I found a how-to for the same mirror on Design Sponge the other day! It doesn't look too hard to make.

Leather mirror How-to on Design Sponge

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bathroom Sink

It's an old factory washbasin!

It would look great in the bathroom built into the counter top or with a wooden table next to it for storage.

More images of Ombline De Kersabiec's home at DesignSponge

Kitchen Elements

I would love to have these subway tiles for the backsplash of the kitchen.

Totally love this floor! It would be wonderful if we could find some recycled flooring like this.
Images from LivingEtc

Blue Pop

I love this color, as you might be able to tell by now.

Household Coffee Needs

I seem to be spending quite a bit of time looking at items for our future kitchen, but that's because the most space in our house will be devoted to that very use. Plus, we tend to congregate there to discuss our days, we cook a lot of meals at home, and there's just so much fun kitchen gadgets!

C is a huge coffee drinker. I'm not so much of a coffee drinker as an espresso girl. I would love to get an espresso machine at the house for me and a kick-ass French Press for C. That way both of our coffee needs are taken care of.

I found a neat guide to picking out an espresso machine at Coffee Geek.

La Pavoni is supposed to be quite good for a semi-automatic machine and not going to break the bank. It's made in Italy, the home of espresso.

La Pavoni Lusso Espresso Machine Chrome PL-16
This could be C's French Press, big enough to make 3 cups of coffee in the am.

Chambord French Press by Bodum

And of course he would need a totally rad water boiler. I used to have one in college and I discovered that it also doubled as a face steamer-a handy use for when my skin was breaking out during exams.

Aroma AWK-115S 1.5-Liter Stainless Steel X-Press Water Kettle

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

School Yard Accents

I would love to have this posted on the wall right by the front door for all of our coats and keys. It's a nice throwback from school days past and a nod towards utilitarian chic. Plus, the ledge above would be a good display for my couple wall which is currently packed away at the moment. One day though, girlishness will return!

Best Wedding Photography

Online wedding magazine, Junebug Weddings, compiled a list of the year's best wedding photography from all over the globe. Most of the photos are awesome! Some of my favorites are:

Jean-Piere Uys

Amelia Lyon
Junebug Weddings have some pretty cool ideas for weddings, inspiration boards and real weddings, that sort of thing.


How cool is this?! It's an ipod dock that amplifys your music. So freaking awesome.

Studio Desk

C said that when we finally did have a house he would build a studio loft for me, as he'll be having a studio garage for wood working and music making. When it's finally finished then I totally want to have an old desk like this one for my computer. And I really love the red Eames chair too.
From The Art of Jordan
Via Design Sponge

Kitchenaid Mixer

I've always loved these things; it could go along with my dream fridge.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Another Short Dress

Ahhh! I love this dress too! It kind of looks like the other one that I love too. I think I would use the top of the other dress, with the rusching in the middle and the thin straps, and the bottom of this dress, the length and the layer of lace. Maybe the lace could be a detachable skirt so that I could dye the dress a nice indigo color and wear it much later.

Elopement and $2,000

A lady came into the store the other day, she saw all my wedding magazines and books laid on the counter and we began talking about her wedding that had happened 15 years prior. She said that honestly, if she could do it again she would elope. She would save all her money, run away somewhere quiet with her immediate family to get hitched, and save all that money to help her and her husband to get established in their new life.

At this point in my young life, that just seems so uneventful. Neither of us are very religious so the ceremony itself is not terribly important in that regard. What is important for us is to have all of our friends and family in one place to celebrate and to all meet each other since many of our friends live all over the country. Maybe that's what people who elope do as well, go have a ceremony somewhere else and then throw a big party at home. But I figure we can do it all in one fell swoop.

I wonder if it's possible to throw a wedding for $2,000? From the venue, food, photographs, invitations, and dresses for two grand? Seems like a lot of money to me right now, but from the bit of research I've done, in a traditional wedding I don't think it would go that far. That's why we're not planning on throwing a traditional wedding.
Jessica Johnston Photography on Style Me Pretty

Amelia Lyon

I discovered this photo by Amelia Lyon a while back and I just love it. A totally rocking engagement photo!

Love her dress!

Dream Refrigerator

We lived in an old victorian house for a while when I was growing up. It had a seperate basement apartment with the coolest vintage refrigertor. It kind of looked like this one. One day I would love to have a frige like this again but oh man, we'll have to look through antique shops because this one by NorthStar is around $4,000 and another version by Smeg is about $1,200.

Glam Punk Wedding Shoot

I saw this glam punk wedding shoot on Style Me Pretty this monday morning.  I like the bridesmaids fishnet tights and the striped ties.  They all make it just a little on the punk side of life.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Birds Wallpaper

We have this wallpaper at the store I work at and it's even better in person.  You can see more movement in the wings that reminds me of Hitchcock's The Birds.  It might look cool in the bathroom, on the top half of the wall while the bottom half is painted a glossy dark indigo.  I love blue!
Indi Wallpaper at Trove

John Robshaw

I lean towards a rug for the dinning room that's more graphic than pictorial.

Kitchen Lamps

These Berlin Pendant Lamps by Roost would look amazing in our future kitchen.

Feathered Headpiece

 I'm not sure what you call her headpiece but I secretly dig it.
Headpiece by Sarah Gabriel

Modern Map

Totally up my alley and only $60

Pin-Ups On My Walls

Hahaha, brilliant!  British wallpaper group, Beware The Moon, who infuse pure cheekiness into their designs.  I love it.
Beware The Moon

House Ideas

I would love to have a portion of our porch shaded like this.  Plus, when we have a party, we could hang sparkly lights on the beams.I'm a total sucker for painted wooden floors, it just seems so dramatic.  As a carpenter C thinks this is sacrilige.  Whoops. 
For our dinning table, I really like the idea of mixed chairs.  There are so many cool ones to find at yard sales for cheap and they look great all mixed together.  We could even paint them all one color to add unity, only if we felt like it though.
There's a building in town that is made of recycled parts from remodeled houses.  I think it would be great, and possibly economical to scour around for cool old windows and mix them all together.  I really like this style of window because it reminds me of Europe.  I'm just not a fan of big plate glass and I hope we don't have to use too much of it in our future house.
I know it's not very practical but I like having rugs under dining room tables. In fact I like rugs in general with hard wood floors.
I always liked the idea of having a mantel in the house as a decorative object and not neccessarily as a working fire place.  It just looks amazing and can be found at any junk store, well, found after some searching of course.
All photos from Desire To Inspire