Sunday, January 31, 2010

Engagement Photos

I don't think I understand why people take engagement photos. Maybe when you hire a wedding photographer, engagement photos are automatically part of the package? But when do you use them? When do you even look at them?

I think I'd stage an announcement photo with C and then email it out to everyone, like we did with our Holiday and New Years photos. That would be the extent of our engagement photos.

However, I did find an amazing photographer who takes wonderful engagement photos with a vintage flair.

Noa Azoulay-Sclater of Feather Love Photography.
Feather Love

Imelda May

Weddings should be a grand party, a huge celebration. By Jove, people are getting married! And parties are simply not complete without mingling and dancing. While mingling is probably best started by an ice breaker, such as a pinata, the best way to get the dancing underway is with some really good music. If I had a bunch of money and the right connections, my first choice for a wedding band would Imelda May. Really good booty-shaking music that spans generations. If only...sigh. Must be on the look-out for a comparable local band.
Imelda May, a rockabilly goddess!

Fabric Flowers

I never, ever realized how expensive bouquets are. I came across a very lovely bridal bouquet with a price tag of $300. Just one small portion of the overall flower needs of a wedding! Geez Louise. So, when I came across this adorably stylish fabric flower, I think I may have found a cheaper, yet equally cute, flower option.
How-To for Ribbon Flower Bouttoniere at Martha Stewart Weddings
How-To for Rose Hat

Floating Lanterns

This is beautiful! I can just imagine people all writing a short message to the floating lanterns and sending them all up after the dinner is completed and before the dancing begins.

C & I tried to make one of our own floating lanterns over SXSW. It involved butcher paper and a tea candle. didn't exactly work...didn't work at all. But it would be beautiful to do this in a grand Texan field--I'm a big fan of the grand Texan fields.
Chinese Wish Lanterns

Two Guitars Invites

I've been working as assistant buyer for a home accessories boutique for a couple years now and have come across my favorite stationary ever. Ever.

I think these would be perfect for wedding invites. C, my man whom I love and cherish, is a musician and we're about to embark on this year long road trip to study music. It just seems like a terribly fitting invite for us, with a hint of quirky old world style. Pure love.

The designer, Scott, has some other amazing designs.
Two Guitars


I'm not engaged. I have no Muriel's Wedding desires to simply get married, no matter the gentleman in question. And I'm not terribly girlie enough that the mere thought big frilly dresses makes me weak at the knees.

However, I do have a man to whom I would like nothing more than to get married. But he hasn't asked yet. In order to indulge my secret desires without getting embarrassed by letting him know I'm researching all this mess, I've created this little secret blog where I put all my favorite dresses, photographers, honeymoon ideas, and try desperately to figure a way around the tradition of bridesmaid dresses being so unfashionable. And maybe one day, when we finally do get engaged, I'll have a leg up on overwhelming amount of wedding planning.