Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sarah Seven

Helloooo, Sarah Seven! Gorgeous dresses from Portland designer Sarah Seven. I simply love the way her dresses are photographed. I'm of the opinion that having gorgeous photos of any product totally makes everyone drool and sales go up!

And this get-up. Stop. My heart. I would love to rock this on an evening out.Sarah Seven

Joshua Caine

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness. I LOVE Joshua Caine's website. Granted, it can run a little slow, but he pulled on my heart strings with his whole antique seafaring etching themed website. Awesome!

Plus he photographed a totally rad Texan Rockabilly wedding.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Confusion Over The Details

I had an idea of how I wanted my wedding to be:
*Throw back from glam/rockabilly times
*A short fun dress that was easy to dance in
*Vintage mismatched dresses for bridesmaids

Now after having gone to try on dresses and finding this guy:
We could maybe rock it up a little with this totally awesome fabric flower belt.

And after doing lots of research on all these wonderful wedding blogs, I just feel totally confused. I wonder how other people whittle down the details to pick out something they really like and don't regret using way down the line?

It seems like all the things that I like are just sooo expensive. How do brides bridge the style/budget line? Oh it just seems so confusing!

And then I see this! And how gorgeous is this? And I think 'yeah, now that's what I'm talking about. That's why I wanted to go short, plus it's cheaper!"

Brandon Witzel

Or this guy and I think 'yeah, that's what I wanted! A rockin wedding party that's pretty but a little edgy. I did want a short dress before I walked into that bridal boutique, the woman put ideas in my head...'

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dress Shopping!

Since my ladies are in town for SXSW, we decided to go try on wedding dresses. We totally found one! And I wanted to let you all know about the bridal boutique that we discovered because it's amazing. Called Blush Bridal, it's been open a little over a year and next to Unbridaled, it's the best wedding boutique in Austin. It's a must to make an appointment to reserve one of the private rooms that comes equipped with a couch for friends, a space heater, and knoweledable staff with numerous clamps to cinch the dresses right to your body. The prices are really good too...

Go! Go try on gorgeous dresses!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Wedding Jojo

C's family is from the west coast, I'm from the east, and we want to have our wedding smack dab in the middle. Keeping all of our friends and family in the loop about our future wedding seems a little daunting. It's such a good idea to have a wedding website as a one-stop shop for all things C&R wedding related. I really like Adam & Halli's website that has directions, photos, links to registries, and a guide on what to wear.

But if a wedding website wasn't figured into the budget then just scoot right over to Wedding Jojo; they do it all for free! They have a couple templates that you can personalize for your own wedding, so while it might not reflect the wedding to the T, it'll still help guests to stay current on all the festivities.

Wedding Jojo.

Shredded Fabric Backdrop

How cool is this?!
I like to sew and this just seems totally up my alley. We could have silks and muslims of varying neutral shades hanging down as the backdrop for the ceremony. I love all the candles as well, makes the whole thing just so romantic.
Plus, it could double as the backdrop for a photobooth!
Via Once Wed.