Saturday, April 3, 2010


Would it be a bad idea to have the wedding "dinner" beforehand, and then have the ceremony when the sun had gone down?

Or is there a general flow to a wedding such as arrive, ceremony, dinner, music and dancing?

I was just brainstorming and thinking:

1) A group of us all went lazy river floating during the day

2) Come back, have dinner with close friends and family (or everybody could be invited)

3) Once the sun went down and it was good and dark, have everyone walk down to the ceremony area that would be all lit with candles and the fabric backdrop

4) Then walk back up to the main area of festivities where bands would play and we could boogie down till whenever

Or we could have a whole weekend planned. Arrive on Thursday for rehearsal dinner and settle it. Friday go tubing. Saturday lounge around downtown and get ready with bridesmaids. Could suggest a day trip to super cute Green, TX for rest of family? Wedding Saturday. Sunday could be filled with Bloody Marys and lounging in the sun.

Or we could arrange it on the weekend of an Austin festival that could be the focus of Friday, wedding Saturday, and floating on Sunday.
Haha, just some ideas. Some brainstorming.
Invite from Beast Pieces

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Eunice & Daniel

I love how cheeky they are. More images.

They worked with textile artist, Joel Dewberry, to design a set of playing cards for guests. Adorable.
Blankets for guests when temperatures dipped down for the outdoor wedding.

Embroidered Invitations

I like this idea a lot--wedding invitations that were embroidered and then scanned in.